Shocker! Pastor Slumps And Dies While Preaching

January 27, 2020

Shocker! Pastor Slumps And Dies While Preaching

In what appeared as a shocker to the worshippers of African Methodist Episcopal Church in Kuruman, Northern Cape on Sunday January 19th. The Pastor of the Church died in a horrific manner.

It was reported that the Pastor, Reverend Bassie Jackals died while delivering a sermon. In a video shared online, the Reverend was seen going down gradually until he fell on the floor. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was certified dead.

A post-mortem carried out following his death revealed the deceased died as a result of high blood pressure and that he was also diabetic.

The deceased was 42 years old and survived by his wife and 4 daughters. 

The late preacher was unaware his health status was terribly bad. Preachers are advised to regularly check their health status. Your health is more important than those people you minister to on daily basis, because once you stop breathing, your assignments here on earth STOPS immediately.

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